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September 09, 2010


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Love all those bubbles..Hope things calm down for you.

traci anderson

stick with duck he's doing well!!!! hope all is well x

Susan L

that's a relief (said in the nicest possible way) ... for a minute there i thought your creative space was the kitchen sink and i was going to send tissues (because I'd be crying). i hope things get better for you.
My Creative Space


I hope things are ok over there.
If all else fails, jump in with him I say.


Remember to breathe. Lots of slow deep breaths.
Take care.


I know the feeling! Hang in their honey, tomorrow is a new day! Thinking of you often as I just adore my pincushion, it is so useful and always makes me smile. Thank you, much love xo


I sure know that feeling. Hope you're doing ok. Take care of yourself, too!


I finally have my bunting up! I'll blog some photos next week. It looks gorgeous.

The Clip Cafe

I love baths so relaxing :-)


Love it. Been feeling like that myself actually must be the time of year. Just remember breathe


I know the feeling... xxt

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