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August 12, 2010


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The vest is coming along nicely and that green yarn is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do to pretty up your stool. I think the crochet top would look lovely but whatever you choose they are both pretty.


Oh, hmm, its tricky but I suggest the embroidery would be lovely. Either would be great though. What a fabulous stool-I really love the original spotty vinyl cover.

Alice @ Crochet with Raymond

OOH! GRANNYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definately granny squares! I'm so jealous! I'm manifesting a great footstool to cover with grannies, so I'm totally biased!
Have a lovely day!XX
p.s Raymond is much more partial to apples strangely! :)


GRANNYS got the vote from me too!!! I wish I could find some old stools like this...


Loving all the looks of your creating, your grannies- the gorgeous looking vest in progress and whatever that is there at the bottom.xo


you have so much lovely stuff going on michelle, hope we are going to get a peek of those finished mermaid outfits in action!


I like the white! but might get dirty easily?


I love mermaids, the costumes look cool. I so want to touch that vest! And my vote is definitely granny squares.


love the colour of your vest and another vote for grannys on the stool.


Oh, I'm a sucker for a granny square. Love that idea!

I've been caught up in the must-dos and longing for the prefer-to-dos myself.


The fabric in the first photo just screams mermaid!
I can't choose between the covers - maybe make both and interchange them for the seasons?


Oh my goodness, what a great space you have Michelle. I love it all. And I think the grannies will be gorgeous on that stool. I've seen a few around that are like one big granny that look amazing. I hope you're having a great week.


Mermaid costumes, I like the sound of these - they would be very popular in our house :)


Hi Michelle,
Thanks for popping into my blog. I will enjoy having a look through yours. I know what you mean about preferred activities. I have to make a nurses outfit for dressing as someone who helps the community for Friday. I'd much rather be knitting or crocheting.
Have a great week.

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