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June 28, 2010


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I have always heard that a good dish can connect people, hehe. Sometimes it´s true :)

Oh, and your dish looks extremely yummy!! :)


oh my goodness. they are beautiful.. and I am very hungry right now :) Food is very comforting and I'm sure even more so when one has the patience to make it so lovingly!

little grubs

Reading this post has just given me hope. I have been making new things this last week and almost every night it has been greeted with dismay by my little girls. I am hoping that one day they will remember their mum cooking lovely things they loved! I think that I would like to come to dinner at your house! xx

helena / little mo

I perfectly understand what you mean. This year I seem to have really taken a great interest in food, in particular trying out various recipes.

Whilst I grew up eating asian food, it's the one dish I've noticed that I cant cook very well! Or maybe because I keep thinking my asian dishes are never as good as my mum. It never taste the same..or maybe it's because they're not here with me to eat at the table. Food always taste better when it's a large family affair!

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