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May 12, 2010


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I love that idea! I have a couple of things that are too small which would make fabulous kiddies vest, rather than throwing them out.
Thanks so much!


LOVE that little vest on the left! If only it were my size it would look so good over a denim skirt, tights and boots.


Super cute :) A bit advanced for me, but I've upcycled some tees for Aurora and have a pile more to craft on and maybe sell.


Excellent,they are so adorable. They will be snapped up at the market on the weekend so maybe you should get busy and make a few more-in your spare time of course.


Cute little vests! Very thrifty!
Hope your daughter enjoyed her camp!



Those are too cute!!! Enjoy the break from the 10yr old...


Oh wow! I LOVE them! They look so fabulous and I'm definitely going to have to do this too... adding to my list (stay tuned for maybe next year the way I'm going!) Good luck to your 10 y.o... whenever mine go on camp the house feels terribly empty, so I hope it goes very quickly for you. Kx


SOOO gorgeous !!! Loving that tree vest! SO Much!!! clever chook you are xo


That tree vest is very, very cute. You are very clever.


They look fabulous. Brilliant ROI I say.


Those vests are the cutest wee vests ever.


Gorgeous little vests - what a clever idea to repurpose op shop jumpers.

Wendy Sice

Gosh, I will die when my son goes to his first camp! I think I'll have to go as parent helper! Wendy xx

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