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February 06, 2010


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Oh My God, you've put me to shame well and truly... what a great bag/system you've got going on there! Everything looks awesome, but I can't help but be a little bit dissappointed that we didn't catch you before your resoloution.... ;)

Thanks for playing - you've made me *think* about getting a wee bit more organised (...and again trying @#$%^ crochet...).


Very nice, everything seems to have a place. Well done.


Wow! I'm just luvvin it all!! Esp those little flowery holders. :)


Your bag and its contents look very stylish. You must be a stylish lady :)


lol, my bags neat now too but it still seems to take forever to find my wallet


good job! Nice & neat! Shame about the jam fancy though cos all the little dusty fluffy bits would stick to the jam spot & keep the rest of the inside nice & clean!

Sophie Isobel Designs

Wow that is quite amazing! I'm spellbound by your organisation and am now inspired to go and reorganise my own bag!
Sophie x


Gorgeous! I adore and organised bag. See you next week ;)


Pretty impressive..wow. An organised bag makes for an organised mind. Is that right? If so then my mind must be a real scramble. Anyway, it's nice to see someone who has all her bases covered. Clean undies? Wow xo

Marian Edwards

wow that's impressive..btw i love your B.B.B. [big black leather bag]


lovely pouches! I employ them as well. I can't stand not being to find what I want with just a reach of my hand.


Good for you - there's no way I'm showing my bag lol....

Kylie Lindstrom

Wow! I'm really impressed! Where, may I ask, did you get those pretty little purses to hold your jic items? Inevitably I always have one or two moments over the year where something decides to leak in my bag... a couple weeks ago it was a nasty prima! These would do very well at protecting things from yukkiness.

karin maier

Impressive. Mine looks neat and tidy but I cheated and showed everyone a bag I don't use everyday...You did not cheat - well done!


Oooohhhh! I love how organised your bag is. All those gorgeous zippered pouches! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

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