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February 24, 2010


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Oooh I love these. My very favourite kind of craft.


They look lovely! I have a stash of these myself.... :-) It feels good to use what you already have - lessens the guilt of buying more fabric.

Lisa @ Lil Sonny Sky

they would look fantastic as purses really pretty!


These are lovely - I like the idea of a pretty purse for my crafting tools :) The birds are great - very pretty!


what a clever work!


I love your idea of working through your stash & adapting each piece to make something new. Your little purses are lovely and would be useful for many things, and of course they are pretty! Have a fun day xo


What a fabulous idea!! I have so many little old linens like this! Would you mind if I stole your idea and made a crochet case for myself like this?? Your photos are sweet too. :)


i wouldn't mind at all Christina. i think that that's what the world of crafting and blogging is all about- the sharing of knowledge and ideas. thanks for asking. good luck and enjoy


So happy I stopped past! Look at how creative you are. I am overloaded with creative ideas now...arhhhh...

xo Steph


those look lovely- perfect for high tea, or a wedding, or a garden party. well done! xo m.


my brain is stuttering I love that so much! WOOT! Can't wait to see them in your shop!


Gorgeous! What a clever and beautiful idea.:)


They are just wonderful and I think I should take a leaf out of your book and do the same thing with my bulging stash :) K


I love the fabric on the middle purse. What a good challenge to have set yourself.


These are beautiful! what a great stash!!


Everything looks so delicate... so eligant! I love the wee golden scissors....!

Nic @ yardage girl

Love the purses - especially the first one, and I'm so imporessed with the idea of reducing your stash before buying any more fabric. Nic


These are so sweet and clever.

Hope @ The Queen Of Re

as The Queen of Re, I am proud of you. It is fun working through your stash. Enjoy wink*


Its such a great idea. I did a similar thing a while ago - just said" right that is it!- no more and it forced me to try new things and do new things with fabrci I already had.


It's so hard not to rush out and buy more for the stash whent here is so much to chose from. But I admire your strength & creativity! What a fabulous idea! I need a pouch for my craft tools on the go too. x


These are lovely especially since the intended contents relate to the needlework of the materials used to make them. So pretty it is enough to inspire lots of crafting.


Gorgeous! These are such special and unique pieces. I am so impressed with your stashbusting, I am a bit tempted to have a go myself. X


These are just gorgeous!

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