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February 11, 2010


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Yup...I'm getting much better at the sitting on my hands thing.

Have fun with your linens.


As of now I'm sitting on my hands. Next time there's a request for a volunteer to do x, y and z for the kids' school, I'm thinking of this post and looking skyward. I already feel guilty!


Oh no! Ironing! The linen looks much more fun :)


I have made the note to self - thank you. That explains why I'm in the fix I'm in right now....!

Lisa @ Lil Sonny Sky

I love the white fabric with the gorgeous graphic black flowers, bet you can't to use it!


Hope you get to your new project soon. I am no good at sitting on my hands either.

Nic @ yardage girl

Just think of the brownie points you'll get ... anyway, once it's done you can get on with the good stuff! Enjoy!

red or gray art

oh the linen looks so interesting...cannot wait to see what you create


here's hoping you get the curtains out of the way sooner so you can do the fun stuff. I find it always helps to be looking forward to doing something fun while doing something not so fun


You're too sweet to sit on your hands!

Have fun with that linen.


I love your top photograph - makes me feel like I'm in your kitchen, and I think I see the kettle is 'on' too, hehe ! :) Good luck with your project - looks like fun :)

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