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February 04, 2010


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24? That's nothing! Go, go, go, it's going to be breathtaking.


wow ~ the granny square project is AMAZING!
i'm on holidays from work now so hoping very much to slow time down!


Wow, you are so close to finishing!! yay for you. Sounds like you are having a bit of a flat day, I'm sure things will pick up and you will suddenly be filled with energy. Put the kettle on and be kind to yourself, look how much you have achieved already! I love all the colours you are using, can't wait to see it all sewn up and looking lovely xo


Wow it's amazing and it's sooo big!! It's going to be beautiful.


You are so close to finishing! The rug will look amazing on the church pew (I have pew envy). I think that if I am ever rich, I will employ someone to weave in ends for me. Maybe they could also do all my zips and buttonholes too.....


Soooo close!! It looks great, and will be perfect in that spot. Keep going....!

Nic @ yardage girl

LOVE THE PEW - I WANT ONE!! Sorry about all the yelling - but what a lovely spot to put your afghan!


24 is so close, you can do it!!!! I wish I could crochet....!


The grannies are gorgeous and you are soooo near the end!! It will look lovely when finished...Go on , you can do it, you're so nearly there!!


That will be beautiful when its finished! I love your pew too!


Your pew is gorgeous Michelle. What a beautiful piece of furniture to have. And yes, a perfect place for your afghan. And I think it will be a perfect 100th birthday present!

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